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Commentary on Today's Social and Political Issues
Based on the Writings of Thomas Jefferson

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      The following short essays on various topics seek to examine contemporary issues in the light of the political principles of Thomas Jefferson. Many of the essays are the result of questions sent in to the editor by readers. All comments and questions are welcome, and will be incorporated into future essays when appropriate. New essays are added periodically. Register below to receive an email notice when a new topic is added to this page.

What's New
  • Flag Burning: Is it Protected Speech?

    The Supreme Court has declared that flag burning is protected
    under the 1st Amendment right of free speech, and Congress is trying to pass
    legislation making it possible to prosecute flag burners.
    But did the Framers intend that the 1st Amendment protect other kinds
    of expression as though it were free speech? Possibly not.

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  • Is A Jeffersonian Perspective Possible?


  • Affirmative Action vs. Equal Rights
  • Animal Rights
  • Anti-Trust, Microsoft and Corporate Equal Rights
  • Bureaucracies & Their Derelictions
  • Cloning Humans in a Free Society
  • Crime & Punishment
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Democracies and Their Discontents
  • Democracies, Republics & the People
  • Democracy in the Third World
  • Education and Discipline
  • Educational Elitism
  • Elections & Campaigning
  • Elections & Campaign Reform
    look!Federalist No. 10 & Thomas Jefferson
  • Flag Burning: Is it Protected Speech? ---New Topic!
  • The Flat Tax
  • Foreign Relations & Jeffersonian Principles (I)
  • Foreign Relations & International Involvement (II)
  • Foreign Relations & The New World Order (III)
  • The Founders' Vision & Today's Issues
  • Freedom, Liberty, Rights and Their Limitations
  • A Government for the Congo
  • Government Serves the People
  • Gun Control
  • Guns & the 2nd Amendment
  • High Crimes and Misdemeanors
  • The Income tax vs. the Consumption Tax
  • Individual Rights & Popular Sovereignty
  • Libertarianism and "The People"
  • Liberty & Equal Rights
  • Limited Government, Part 1
  • Majority Rule & Consent of the Governed
  • Morality and Government
  • Morality, Jesus & Mr. Jefferson
  • Movies, TV & Violence
  • Natural Rights
  • Newspapers & Political Endorsements
  • Objectivism and Thomas Jefferson: Seven Essays
  • The O.J. Simpson Verdict
  • The Parliamentary vs. the American System
  • Parliaments and the Danger of Despotism
  • The People & the Intellectual Elite
  • Presidential Leadership
  • Race, Politics & Redistricting
  • Religion, God, Church & State
  • Religious Fundamentalism vs. Democracy
    look! Socialism vs. Liberty   [ En Español]
  • School Shootings and Social Disintegration
  • Spurious Jefferson Quotes
  • Teaching History: Keepers of the Flame
  • Term Limits & Citizen Legislators
  • That government is best....
  • Third Parties & Ideology
  • Third Party Strategy
  • Welfare & Government Assistance

  • Booklists Prepared by Jefferson
  • Influence, Jefferson's
  • The Jefferson Memorial: Writings on Wall
  • Judiciary: Political Opposition
  • Legacies as President, Jefferson's
  • The 9th and 10th Amendments
  • Novels Set in Jefferson's Time
  • An Oral Presentation on Jefferson
  • Quotations by Jefferson -- Non-Political
  • The Revolution of 1800
  • School Prayer
  • Slavery, Jefferson and
  • Taxes Used to Promote Disagreeable Ideas
  • Youth and Inexperience, Jefferson on

  • Jefferson's DNA and Sally Hemings
      An examination of the significance of the recent DNA findings suggesting that Jefferson fathered the children of Sally Hemings.

  • The Jefferson-Hemings Circumstantial Evidence
      A review of the book, Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: An American Controversy, by Annette Gordon-Reed, with an analysis of what the new DNA test results mean for the circumstantial evidence.

  • Rayner's Life of Thomas Jefferson
      B. L. Rayner's biography, published originally in 1834, emphasizes the role of republican principles in Jefferson's life and thought and his enormous contributions to American democracy.

  • Other Sites for Information on Thomas Jefferson
      An extensive list of online sources for Jefferson's writings as well as sites that provide background information and materials related to the times and writings of Jefferson.

  • Capitalism in a Free Society
      A critical dialogue on Milton Friedman's book, Capitalism and Freedom, that starts with the Jeffersonian point of view and compares and contrasts it with modern liberal views. This is an on-going discussion between the Editor and John Teeple.

  • Archive of Questions and Answers related to Jefferson
      This contains a large number of answers to questions that were sent to the editor from visitors to this and other Jefferson sites.

  • Archive of Work in Progress
      This contains notes and incomplete drafts of essays intended for the Jeffersonian Perspective.


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