The Jeffersonian Perspective

Commentary on Today's Social and Political Issues
Based on the Writings of Thomas Jefferson


Brief Notes on Jeffersonian Topics

The Revolution of 1800

Although given scant recognition today, Jefferson was convinced that the very future of the republic was at stake in the election of 1800. Jefferson's presidency is not considered of the first rank today; but it is certain that in his time, he considered the issues at stake to be momentous, and that the course which the nation was to take from then on hung in the balance. It may be that this discrediting of the efficacy of the Jefferson presidency is a measure of the extent to which we have ourselves departed from those principles he at that time thought so fundamental. By these lights, Jefferson turned the government of the United States away from its authoritarian (or "monarchical") tendencies and towards republican principles -- a redirection that was never entirely reversed even up into our times.


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