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Morality, Jesus & Mr. Jefferson

In place of an essay, please refer to the web site prepared by the editor at the following URL:

The Jefferson Bible:

The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth
Extracted Textually from the Gospels

Thomas Jefferson's compilation of the moral philosophy of Jesus.

This website presents Jefferson's compilation which he made by cutting-and-pasting the account of the life and moral teachings of Jesus as found in the Gospels, with the dogmatic and supernatural aspects taken out. This remarkable document presents the story in a way that will surprise those already familiar with the religious presentation of the life of Jesus. It is well worth reading by anyone who is a student of present-day political, social and personal morality. It is also available at a .
Conversations on Morality and
The Jefferson Bible

One special feature of the Jefferson Bible site is a series of conversations that began on the Usenet Newsgroups and are compiled and presented in a readable format at The Jefferson Bible website. It can be reached directly at the following URL:

Conversations on Morality and The Jefferson Bible

This discussion considers questions of morality in general and is not limited just to the morality in the Jefferson Bible. In fact, it goes beyond the moral issues raised in the writings of Thomas Jefferson, though it includes that also.

This is a conversation that visitors to the site can join in, and you are encouraged to check it out and add your comments in the form provided at the bottom of each page. The chief instigator of these conversations has not been myself, but Geoffrey Riggs--a very intelligent gentleman with a broad-based knowledge of all kinds of writings on morality. We both feel that the discussions would benefit from a broad participation, and we hope that visitors to the Jeffersonian Perspective will drop by and join in the conversation.

    Eyler Coates, Editor

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