Capitalism in a Free Society

A critical dialog on Milton Friedman's
Capitalism and Freedom


Eyler Coates and John Teeple

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Threats to Freedom
Dispersal of Government Power
Advances by Civilization
Liberalism: American and European

Power: Economic and Political

Milton Friedman's book, Capitalism and Freedom, is an important statement setting forth the libertarian view of a free society and its economic system. We believe, however, that it is deeply flawed. Its appeal to Individualism may be deceptively attractive, but it is ultimately unworkable and entirely counterproductive for a free society. Ultimately, Friedman's libertarian society would undermine the very freedom he professes to support.

The conversations contained on this website examine the basic philosophy of Friedman's book, point out its flaws, and describe an alternative political philosophy that is more consonant with that of the Founding Fathers and American society.

This website is a work in progress, and new materials will be added on a continuing basis. In general, the critical analysis follows the arrangement of Friedman's book. The Introduction of that book sets out the basic premises; chapters one and two discuss principles; and the remaining chapters discuss applications of those principles.



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