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  1. Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government
      Over 2,700 excerpts from Jefferson's writings arranged under 56 subjects provide a complete outline of Jefferson's political philosophy and explain the founding principles of American self-government.

  2. The Jeffersonian Perspective
      Commentary on today's social and political issues based on the writings of Thomas Jefferson. A critique of national policies from the perspective of this nation's founding principles.

  3. The Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth
    Extracted Textually from the Gospels
      Jefferson's compilation of the moral philosophy of Jesus.

  4. Jefferson on Freedom of Religion
      A complete copy of Jefferson's Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom with a comparison to the Act as passed by the Virginia legislature.

  5. Rayner's Life of Thomas Jefferson
      A completely revised and corrected edition of B. L. Rayner's biography, published originally in 1834, that emphasizes the role of republican principles in Jefferson's life and thought.

  6. Favorite Jefferson Quotes
      A collection of about 350 of the most popular quotations from the writings of Thomas Jefferson, selected from the much larger collection at Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government.

  7. Objectivism and Thomas Jefferson
      Seven Essays on the Philosophy of Ayn Rand. These essays examine in detail the fundamental differences between Rand's philosophy and the political philosophy of Jefferson and the Founding Fathers.

  8. Conversations on Morality: An Open Forum
      An open forum for discussions on the history of conscience and ethics.

  9. Conversations on Thomas Jefferson and Jeffersonian Politics
      An open forum for discussions on the life and thought of Jefferson, with a special section on the Jefferson-Hemings controversy.

  10. The Jefferson FAQ
      Answers to a large number of questions submitted to the editor from visitors to the above Jefferson websites.

  11. Religious Oppression Around the World
      Monitors violations of religious freedom in each of the different countries. Includes essays on religion and society.

  12. Macaulay on Democratic Government
      Passages from the essays of Thomas Babington Macaulay on various topics related to politics and government.

  13. Thought for Today:
    Ideas That Expand Your Mind
      Presents a short quote each day that provides insight and direction for living on this planet.

  14. The Mexican Pizza Riddle: Discussions on the Economics of Poverty
      Open forum discussions of poverty in Third World countries.

  15. Cataloging the Web
      A redaction of discussions that took place on the Listserv/Newsgroup, "bit.listserv.autocat" (AUTOCAT: Library Cataloging and Authorities Discussion Group) on making the WWW more accessible.

  16. The Holy Bible: King James Version, Revised
      The old KJV of the Bible, revised and corrected to reflect the findings of modern scholarship.

  17. The Wisdom of the I Ching
      This edition of the ancient Chinese "Book of Changes" emphasizes the philosophical aspects of the work.

  18. The Divine Comedy
      Dante's masterpiece in plain, understandable idiomatic English.


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I helped the following friends get started with their own websites by designing their initial front page and providing a little bit of free advice. From such minimal beginnings, they have both done quite well for themselves, and apparently enjoyed it immensely.

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