Requests for Information Related to Thomas Jefferson



>     If you could guide me to any good collections of the personal
> writings of any former Presidents or the founding fathers on the internet I
> would be very greatful.

I don't have a list of those, but I would suggest that you go to one of
the good search engines, like Yahoo.  Yahoo has sections devoted to the
Presidents, listing websites that have their writings.  You could also go
to Alta Vista or Infoseek and type in "James Madison Writings" and see
what you pull up.  There is also something called the Internet Public
Library and other similar sites listing sources on the internet for books
in hypertext.  Look on the front page of my TJ on politics & Government
site, down at the bottom, and you will find a list of "Scholarly
Resources with Links to This Site."  Since they have a link to my site,
that means they have similar links to similar sites all over the net.
You can select one that looks relevant to your interests, and click on
it.  Once you get into those kinds of sites, one thing leads to another,
and you should be able to find all kinds of things matching your


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