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>Hi. I am a high school student taking a US History AP course.  We
>recently been assaigned a project in which we are to include several
>primary documents.  Your page has been very informational and
>but I was wondering if you could recomend any books that would have
>documents, letters, or diaries written by Thomas Jefferson.  It would be
>greatly appreciated.

The best, easily available source for the writings of Thomas Jefferson in
their original form is:

        Thomas Jefferson
          Writings.  Compiled by Merrill D. Peterson
        New York: The Library of America, 1984.

It should be available in any good library.  To purchase the Writings of 
Thomas Jefferson at a 30% discount, click on the following:

Jefferson's Writings from
This link is offered in association with

> Incidentally, the Ford ed. can be wrong; e.g. TJ's 1787 letter > from France to "Bishop James Madison" was actually to the other James > Madison. Keep up the good work. All the editions have various errors, including the Memorial Edition, which is the one I own. These must be remedied on an ad hoc basis, as one comes upon them. Establishing a website such as my own is not simply a matter of copying quotes one runs across. Making corrections is an ongoing process.


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