Requests for Information Related to Thomas Jefferson



> Being somewhat a fiscal
> conservative and a undecided Libertarian I have always found the
> writings of Mr. Jefferson to be enlightening. Back in the days when the
> term "liberal" referred to someone who beleived in mans "inherent
> liberties",Mr. Jeffersons teachings were as true as they are today. The
> path of freedom was lit by Jefferson and those other framers of our
> Constitution only to be darkened by those that have followed whose self
> intrests and political agendas further only the power of themselves and
> those that support their platforms of greed and ego's. If only this
> country as a whole (or at least a majority) would strive to encourage a
> return to these truths and principals through their elected
> representatives,we could again envision the future of the Republic as
> the shining star to all those that would be free.

I could only say "Amen!" to your comments.  I suppose that all we can do
is do whatever we can to "spread the word."  It is very gratifying to see
many students, both high school and college, using my website and writing
papers on Jefferson and his views.  Perhaps there is hope for the
republic yet as this rising generation of young people become better
aware of our heritage of freedom.

>         Alas,I have climbed upon the "soapbox" again as my spouse so patiently
> points out. Again thanks for your provision of time and effort on the
> behalf of this country and the ideals of freedom.

Thank you.  I do view it myself as doing something for my country,
especially for my country *as it should be.*  What I see lacking in the
media, in politicians, and, regretably, in the people themselves, is a
good, solid vision of what this country really stands for.  And I believe
there is no better source for that than the political writings of Thomas
Jefferson.  If the press and the other media had that, they might be more
inclined to keep the people informed with the kinds of information they
need to make proper decisions under our system of self-government, and to
do it from a perspective that reflects the vision of Jefferson and the
other Founders.

Best wishes,

Eyler Coates


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