Requests for Information Related to Thomas Jefferson



>      I am writing you to ask for your help in locating a living relative of
>Thomas Jefferson. I am sorry about the quality of this letter (you are
>probably used to getting fancy letters written all proper like.). I am
>currently attending high school in Sumter, South Carolina , And as a
>requirement for my U.S.History class I've been told to find by any
>possible a living descendant of a President that was in office prior to
>excluding President Grant and receive a letter back from that
descendant. As
>well as the letter I must have a twelve page report to accompany a list
of any
>known locations housing documentation of the chosen president, maps
>the birthplace and any significant historical locations, photos of the
>birthplace , and a family tree dating from his birth to present.
>	I would greatly appreciate any possible information you could
provide me with
>and  will send you a copy of my final report if you would like.
>I'm looking forward to talking with you again.

The best source for that kind of information is The Monticello Association,
which is an organization of the descendants of Thomas Jefferson.  That 
is the same organization that maintains Jefferson's gravesite at 
Monticello.  They have a website at:
I'm sure you will find an email address at that site which you can contact and where you can locate the information you need. My websites are concerned only with Jefferson's writings. If your report is something that can be sent via email (as a file transfer, etc.) I would be very happy to receive a copy.


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