Requests for Information related to Thomas Jefferson


>     I'm doing a Paper on how the two major political parties  first
>started in the United States.  Also, it has to include the beliefs of
>Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton about the parties.  I looked
>everywhere and I can't seem to find information on what I'm looking for.
>So if it is possible, would you please give me some tips of different
>web page that I might find useable for me.  Thank you so much for
>the time to read my letter

I'm sorry, but I am not aware of any websites that will provide you with
the specific information you seek.  You would probably find what you are
looking for by consulting the book:

        The Age of Federalism
                by Stanley Elkins & Eric McKitrick
        Oxford U. Press, 1993.

especially Chapter VII, "The Emergence of Partisan Politics."

Good luck,

Eyler Coates


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