Requests for Information related to Thomas Jefferson



>Two points
>1. Thank you very much for making this document available on the
www.  It's
>such an important document, historically.

I assume you are talking about the Jefferson Bible.  Forgive me, but I
have several websites, and I sometimes get confused as to which one
someone is talking about.

>2.  I don't know your point of view, but from mine I'd be remiss if I didn't
>say: the greatest moral teacher who ever was also claimed by his own
mouth to
>be more than that.  Consider the possibility ...

That IS a debatable question, which I rarely get into.  Many people
assert that Jesus himself never claimed to be GOD, but at most only the
"Son of God."  Of those who are the "children of God," we could say that
the boys are "Sons of God" and the girls are "Daughters of God."  That
is as far as I will go with it.  But I am quite sure that Jefferson did not
think that Jesus WAS God, and considered the idea of the Trinity an

Thanks for visiting the site.  Nice to hear from you.

Best wishes,

Eyler Coates

>I am a college student. I am writing a paper about the words of Jesus >to mankind. >I am very interested in the teachings of Jesus. What did he told us to >do... how to live... The best source for the teachings of Jesus is the words of Jesus themselves. Have you looked at "The Jefferson Bible"? Thomas Jefferson extracted all the teachings of Jesus and eliminated all the supernatural stuff. I can think of no better place to look. The URL is: The Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth Extracted Textually from the Gospels Jefferson's compilation of the moral philosophy of Jesus.


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