Requests for Information related to Thomas Jefferson



>	You probably don't remember me, but you helped me with a
paper about 2
>months ago. (I got an A!)

Congratulations!  I'm glad to hear it.

>Another dilemma has risen for me again......
>Tomorrow I have a 750 word essay due about "Thomas Jefferson's
>image." I am looking all over the internet and I am only finding scraps
>of information. ( not enough for 750 words) Do you know of any places
>can find some information on his public image?
>I need this TODAY!!!!!!!

Such a topic!  Men have written thousand-page books on that topic.

I previously put together some stuff for an oral presentation on Thomas
Jefferson for a high school student, and also some stuff on Jefferson's
influence, as well as Jefferson's legacy as President.  It is located at:

With a little manipulation, you ought to be able to throw something
together using that, since it all relates to how Jefferson is perceived
today.  I did not cover the negative stuff (of course), but since you're just
talking about a three page essay, you might just say you are limiting it to
the *positive* image "in such a short essay" and just mention in passing
that you will not be treating the Sally Hemmings unproven accusations,
etc.  I think teachers will let you get away with that if you state up-front
your limitations.  If you want to touch more on those things, there is a
book (you could probably locate a review on the web), the title is
something like Thomas Jefferson and Civil Rights; The Darker Side.

That's about the best I could do off-hand, however.  Hope that helps.

Good luck,

Eyler Coates

> I am doing a > critical paper on Thomas Jefferson's presidency. I would appreciate it if you > could send me any information you have that would be useful to me, or if you > could guide me to some other useful sites. It sounds like you are going to be doing an historical evaluation. Most of my websites related to Thomas Jefferson examine his WRITINGS, and are little concerned with historical facts and events. I have one page that might be of interest to you, and it is located at: This has several short notes on Jefferson, his chief legacies as president, etc. That might serve as a start, and you could expand on that with other materials. There is one more page, located at: This has an extensive list of Websites that contain materials related to Thomas Jefferson, many of which include historical information. I'm sure you will probably find most of the important websites on TJ listed there, including ones with historical information.


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