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>How can I get a published version of this Bible??

There are several editions in print, I believe.  Since it is such a short
book, these editions usually contain many passages from Jefferson's
letters, long explanatory introductions, etc.  Jefferson's original
version that he created for himself contained the Greek, Latin and
French versions in addition to the King James English version, and some
modern editions contain a photostatic copy of his paste-up job which
includes all four languages.  

There are two different editions of the Jefferson Bible available through  Click on the following link for details:

	How to Purchase the Jefferson Bible

The Jefferson Bible using the "corrected" King James Version is,
unfortunately, not available in print.  The ones that are in print use
the old King James.  

>I have just become aware of the Jefferson Bible. I would like to know >if it is published, and who is the pubisher. I would like to purchase >one. Also how did you discover this. The Jefferson Bible is available in several editions. It is not a lengthy book, and most editions have a lot of supplementary material that is not actually part of the Jefferson Bible. Also, I should add that the particular version available at the website you visited is *not* available in print. The print versions invariably use the old King James Version, which was only one of four that composed Jefferson's original cut-and-past compilation. The other three were in French, Latin and Greek. The version used on the website was chosen because it retains the beauty of the King James, but also incorporates the corrections suggested by modern scholarship, which were mostly available also to Jefferson through the different language versions he made available for his own use. I came across the Jefferson Bible in the course of my study and research into Jefferson's writings. It is included in the Memorial Edition of Jefferson's writings.
>dear mr coates...i have this book that i found at a garage sale > this something that has some significance or is it just >another book? your response is greatly appreciated The book you have -- I assume the Jefferson Bible -- probably does not have any special value above that of a useful and interesting book of any other sort. If it has an early publication date, it might be valuable in time. There are several editions of the Jefferson Bible in print right now, and I understand it was the practice for the Congress to give every new member a copy. I get requests from time to time from visitors to my Jefferson Bible website who are interested in purchasing a print copy for their own use. So, it is a nice book to have, and if you don't particularly want it, I'm sure you would be able to find someone who would reimburse you for whatever it cost. I believe new copies today cost about $14.00.
>I am interested in the Jefferson Bible and wondered how many books have >been published since congress printed in 1904. I found two books for sale >on Amazon - Lufton's and Church's..are there others? Thanks. There have been many editions published of the Jefferson Bible. I do not have data on each one, but you can look up Jefferson Bible in "Books in Print," which is available in any public library, for information on the various editions that are presently available.


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