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>This is an important book to me, and I'm willing to lay out the $75. Any
>idea who publishes it? I drew a blank at my bookseller.
>A Russell & Russell of NYC published the 2 vol set , I think, but they
>are long out of business.

Russell & Russell are (or were) a division of Atheneum House, Inc., and
reissued the Jeffersonian Cyclopedia in 1967.  It is possible the reprint
is no longer in print, though it was the last time I looked.  I'm surprised
your bookseller could not help.  If it is in print, it will be listed in "Books
In Print," which any bookseller should have in their store.  You might call
your public library and ask them to look it up in Books In Print and give
you the information on it.  Then you could buy it from Amazon Books, or
any discount bookstore, probably at a good discount from $75.  Be sure
you ask for it by the correct title: Jeffersonian Cyclopedia.

If the book is not listed in BIP, then it is indeed out of print.  Your only
chance then is to buy it as an OP title (and the price may be much more
or much less than $75), or to make a copy yourself as previously

Good luck,

Eyler Coates

>I have, this Labor Day evening, been enjoying a C-SPAN presentation of >James Kilpatrick addressing "Thomas Jefferson and Freedom of the Press". > >He made more than passing reference to a Jefferson Concordance or >Compendium from which could be found Mr. Jefferson's thoughts on either >side of an issue by cross-references or indexing. > >Have you knowledge of availability of such a valuable collection in >print or on the internet? In print, there is the "Jeffersonian Cyclopedia," edited by John P. Foley. It is available in most public libraries. My own website, "Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government," is, I feel quite sure, the most comprehensive guide on the Internet to Jefferson's political thoughts. The Jeffersonian Cyclopedia covers all subjects. >I think, because all of my letters-to-the-editor now open with quotes >from the Declaration of Independence and/or The Constitution and/or >those men who sacrificed so much to give us a Republic, I enjoy a 100% >publication rate. Such a tome would be of great value to me. With the new search facility on my Jefferson Quotes website, I suspect that you would have as good or better luck finding what you want there than with the Jeffersonian Cyclopedia, which is alphabetized, but which I find difficult to use nonetheless. Best wishes, Eyler Coates
> I had for 20 years the marvelous Jefferson Cyclopedia (1900), which > I used a lot. Unfortunately it was a shared ownership arrangement with a > lady friend who eventually demanded the book back, where it is probably > gathering dust, alas. There was a reissue in 2 vol by Russell & Russell > about 1972, but I can't find that either. Any ideas? I own the Jeffersonian Cyclopedia also, though in a xerox copy! I borrowed a copy from the local public library and laboriously made my own. At 5 cents per legal sized sheet (they are available at certain places), with two pages per sheet, the whole project cost me $25 plus a couple of hours of my time. It was, BTW, the starting point for my own selection. I went through it twice, long before I got my computer, recording the appropriate quotes by hand on about 2,000 3x5 cards. I was warned by Dr. Merrill Peterson -- and he turned out to be quite right! -- that the JC contains numerous errors itself. So anything used from it has to be verified in other sources. Returning to the initial point, I would recommend making your own xerox copy of the JC, since it is now in the public domain.


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