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> Hi.   I am a junior in high school.  Right now I'm
> taking AP US History and we have to write an editorial on Jefferson's
> Inauguration Address, taking either the Federalist or Anti-Federalist side.
>  I was wondering if you had any ideas you could help me out with.  Thanks a
> bunch!

I will try to make a few suggestions as to the thrust of your "editorial"
and an outline of main points.  I am assuming that this might be like an
editorial in a newspaper covering Jefferson's Inaugural Address, and I
am taking the "democratic-republican" (or anti-federalist) point of view.

Possible headline:
	Jefferson Pledges Renewal of Republican Government and
		No Reversion to Monarchy

Main Points:
	Jefferson recognizes enormity of task facing him
	Calls for unity, respect rights of minority
	Republican government strong enough; no need to turn to monarchy
	Outlines blessings bestowed on America
	Promises "wise and frugal" government
	Outlines essential principles of republican government
	Requests support of all

I would suggest that you review Chapter 27 and 28 of the online book,

	Life of Thomas Jefferson, by B. L. Rayner

These two chapters cover Jefferson's election and what he called "The
Revolution of 1800,"  which was the re-establishment of republican
government and the rejection of the monarchial forms and waste that had
begun to creep in.  These chapters might give you some additional ideas
about Jefferson's early plans for his administration that you might be
able to use to fill in the above outline.  Remember that Jefferson did
not deliver his address in person.  Be sure to check out the details on

I hope that helps.  The main point of the pro-Jefferson forces was the
return of the government to its republican principles and away from the
monarchical leanings which had crept in, especially during the Adams
administration and with the Alien and Sedition Acts.

Good luck,

Eyler Coates


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