Requests for Information Related to Thomas Jefferson



> I have begun to read "Democracy in
> America" by Tocqueville and would like any recommended readings from you
> concerning Jefferson's ideas and, as you state in one of your essays, the
> ultimatum of capitalism--grow or die.  "Growth" doesn't appear to be the
> cure-all for everything as it is constantly deemed and seems like it will
> continue until we grow ourselves right out of the ecosystem.

I am sorry, but I am at a loss to direct you to a book like you ask.
Jefferson's thought is recorded in over 20,000 letters.  I am attempting
to collect his thought on politics and government at my main website
(which you have probably seen, but I will list it anyway):

	Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government

That website is for me the source for just about all Jefferson had to
say that is important to us today on those subjects.  If you really want
to delve into his ideas, I would recommend that you download one chapter
at a time (there are 55, but most are not long) and "meditate" on what he
said.  Since it is in the form of quotes, that means each excerpt is very
concentrated -- sorta like 200 proof ;-) -- and needs to be digested
slowly.  To be honest, compiling those quotations was for me the main
source for everything I personally know about Jefferson's ideas.  And
when I try to write an essay for The Jeffersonian Perspective, it is to
that collection that I go.  It is not quite complete, but it is
essentially all there.


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