Requests for Information related to Thomas Jefferson



>hi i need genology on thomas jefferson thanks
>  max

There is a list of the "Descendants of Thomas Jefferson" in Appendix I of
Malone's Jefferson and His Time, vol. 6.  There is a genealogy in the
same author's vol. 1, pg. 426, Appendix I.  Malone's biography is
available in any public library.    I do not know of any genealogical data
available online, though you might try one of the search engines and enter 
"Thomas Jefferson, genealogy."

Best wishes,

Eyler Coates


>Is it true that Jefferson's
>grandmother was from the Virgin Islands?  Who was his wife?  My
>and I would very much like any information you can direct us to in this

Jefferson's wife was Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson, a widow when he
married her.  I don't know about his grandmother.  The best source for
historical information on Jefferson is no doubt the 6 volume biography by
Dumas Malone, which should be available in any good-sized library.


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