Requests for Information Related to Thomas Jefferson



>	I have a cousin who will be celebrating his 8oth birthday soon.
He is
>an ardent fly fisherman, and an enthusiastic follower of Thomas
>Jefferson.  He also appreciates good humor.
>`	I am preparing a letter for his birthday, and would like to include
>some Jefferson quotations.  Can you suggest a source on the internet
>where I can find some that relate to Jefferson and perhaps to fishing?
>Thanks very much.  

Below are a few quotes from Jefferson that relate to fish and fishermen
which, perhaps, could be presented in a humorous way.  For general
quotes from Jefferson related to politics and government, you can
search my website, Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government.  There
is a search function at that site, which could assist you in finding quotes
containing specific words.

Best wishes,

Eyler Coates

"I think it a duty in those entrusted with the administration of their
affairs, to conform themselves to the decided choice of their
constituents; and that therefore, we should in every instance
preserve an equality of right to them in the transportation of
commodities, in the right of fishing, and in the other uses of the
sea." --Thomas Jefferson to John Jay, 1785.   ME 5:94

"To ... foster our fisheries and nurseries of
navigation and for the nurture of man ... --these, fellow citizens, are
[among] the landmarks by which we are to guide ourselves in all our
proceedings." --Thomas Jefferson: 2nd Annual Message, 1802.
 ME 3:348

"The condition of the laboring poor in most countries, that of the
fishermen particularly of the Northern states, is as abject as that
of slaves." --Thomas Jefferson: Autobiography.

"We are told of a certain Vedius Pollio, who, in the presence of
Augustus, would have given a slave as food to his fish, for having
broken a glass." --Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Virginia.


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