Requests for Information Related to Thomas Jefferson



> My teacher gave me a paper to write tonight that is due tomorrow!
> Would you please help me-I am stumped.
> The question is this:
> "How did Jefferson out-federalize the federalists?"
> Assess the vidility of this question.
> I need your feedback now! 11/04/97
> I just need three main points.
> Thank you for your time.

The question seems somewhat ambiguous, but I suppose what it means is,
How did Jefferson affirmatively and positively re-establish government so
as to replace the Federalist style that had become established during the
Adams administration?

	1.  He, of course, introduced his own style with the elimination
of "monarchial" formalities, the refusal to enforce the Alien and
Sedition Acts, and the assertion generally of republican principles.
	2.  The Louisiana Purchase enlarged the nation and shook up the
established federal-state relationship, introducing a kind of "new blood"
along with the new territory.
	3.  The Lewis & Clark expedition expanded the concept of national
government in that it forced am awareness of the United States as a
potential great power.

In all these ways, Jefferson expanded the whole conception of the United
States as a nation, and in doing so, expanded it along Republican lines,
not along Federalist lines.  Thus, the Federalists were preempted.


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