Requests for Information related to Thomas Jefferson



>My son is researching the life of Thomas Jefferson for a school project.
>His group has decided to create a video depicting Thomas Jefferson's
>birthday party. Do you by chance know what Thomas Jefferson's
favorite food

I don't know that offhand, but I can recommend a website that has all of
that kind of information.  Try the Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Association's website at:

That website has pages on a day in the life of Monticello, and I'm sure
they can give you information on the food.  I know that Jefferson ate
mostly vegetables, with very little meat, but little more than that.

> on 14-3-1788 was thomas jefferson in amsterdam, he had a dinner at > ''het wapen van amsterdam''now I want to now what does he eat and drink > there, do you now that ? > many thanks I am sorry, but I do not think I can help you. I am just finishing reading the 20 vol. set of the writings of Thomas Jefferson, and I recently got through reading letters from the time period you mention. I do not recall anything that would suggest what he ate while in Amsterdam, and I am sure that the answer to your question could only be wild speculation unless there was a diary or other memoir by some person who met him and possibly had dinner with him that might record such data. I do not have access to such materials.


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