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>(comments)  I am currently researching Jeffersonian Democracy, and I
was wondering if >you have any information

My suggestion would be to study the website:

Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government
Over 2,700 excerpts from Jefferson's writings under 55 topics provide a
complete outline of Jefferson's political philosophy and explain the
founding principles of American self-government.

This site contains an exposition of Jeffersonian democracy in Jefferson's
own words.  Needless to say, the literature in print is vast.  Many
historians assert that Jefferson had no consistent, organized philosophy
of government.  My answer to them is, "Here it is."  When Jefferson
wrote late in life that his principles are the same that they have been
since 1775, and were the same as those held by the vast majority of the
American people, I think we could conclude that HE thought he had a
consistent philosophy of government.  Probably the main reason why
some historians say he had no consistent philosophy is because they
don't understand it.

You also might be interested in the website:

Life of Thomas Jefferson, by B. L. Rayner
Rayner's lively and interesting full-length biography, published in 1834,
emphasizes the role of republican principles in Jefferson's life and
It contains many excerpts from Jefferson's writings as well as anecdotes
taken from the writings of those who knew Jefferson.  It presents a
dramatic and passionate portrayal of Jefferson's life, with special
emphasis on his contributions to the creation of the American republic.
The book is completely revised and corrected, and is divided into 39

Jefferson, by the way, spoke more often of "republicanism," and rarely
used the term "democracy."

I hope that helps.

Good luck,

Eyler Coates


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