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> I noticed while browsing your web site that there is an awful lot of
> commentary.

That is because you were looking at the web site devoted to COMMENTARY on
Jefferson's writings--The Jeffersonian Perspective.  I have three major
websites as listed below.  The purpose of the Jeffersonian Perspective is
to relate Jefferson's writings to contemporary issues.  It is intended to
be *my* commentary based on Jefferson's writings.  His writings are used
to support the points I make.

> The quotes I read from Thomas Jefferson here were all in bits and
> pieces.

That is the nature of commentary.

> So much energy was spent telling the reader what to think.
> I personally prefer to read the raw documents and use my own mind.

Then you should refer to the web site, Thomas Jefferson on Politics &
Government, where you will find quotations from Jefferson grouped under
subject headings.  Or if you wish to read the raw documents themselves,
you can get a copy of the 20 vol. set of his writings, as I have, and
read them for yourself, as I have.

> I wonder if your readers would come to the same conclusions you did, if
> they had read the entire document with the quotes in their original
> context
> not amidst your explanations?

Maybe they would, maybe they wouldn't.  If they don't agree with my
commentary, they are welcome to establish a web site and publish their

The best easily available source for a selection of the writings of Thomas 
Jefferson in their original form is:

        Thomas Jefferson
          Writings.  Compiled by Merrill D. Peterson
        New York: The Library of America, 1984.

It should be available in any good library.  To purchase the Writings of 
Thomas Jefferson at a 30% discount, click on the following:

Jefferson's Writings from

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