Requests for Information Related to Thomas Jefferson



>I am curious.
>I have read that Thomas Jefferson was born in a log cabin.  Is this
>I am in a trivia contest, and one of the questions is: Who was the first
>U.S. president to be born in a log cabin?

According to Willard Sterne Randall in "Thomas Jefferson: A Life,"

        "Thomas Jefferson was born in a simple, one-and-a-half story
frame farmhouse in the middle of a horseshoe of outbuildings in a
clearing on the edge of the Virginia wilderness on April 13, 1743."  (pg.

Therefore, it sounds like Jefferson is not your man.

Just off-hand, I have always been under the impression that Abraham
Lincoln (who was indeed born in a log-cabin) was the first.  But you
would need to check that out.  Andrew Jackson was born on the frontier,
and that may have been in a log cabin.


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