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The standard biography of Jefferson is that by Dumas Malone, but it is a
six volume monster.  A more recent one, Willard Randall's "Thomas
Jefferson: A Life," is a single volume and an easy read; I think it would
be a good choice.  Other recent books focus on certain aspects of
Jefferson, but the Randall book takes a more general approach to his life.

The first volume of the Malone biography is available from at 
a 20% discount.  Click on the following for the paperback edition:

Jefferson, the Virginian (Jefferson and His Time, Vol 1)

The Randall biography is also available from in the hardcover
edition at 25% discount:

Thomas Jefferson: A Life

The Randall biography is available in a paperback edition at 20% discount:

Thomas Jefferson: A Life

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> Thanks so much for all your help! I am now reading "Burr" and its a great
> book! However "Thomas Jefferson: A Life" may be a problem. I dont have
> much time left, and it is rather lengthy. Could you recommened any
> biography on Jefferson(or any biography at all, preferably from the same
> time period, but not neccesarily) that is within 100-150 pages?

I'm glad to hear you are enjoying "Burr."  I read it myself, and I
thought it was a good read.

I'm afraid I can't recommend a specific biography of Jefferson under 200
pages.  What I would suggest is that you go to your library -- either the
college library, or even (maybe better) the local public library -- and
look over the section of biographies of Jefferson that are on the shelf.
 You could pick out the smallest one of the lot.  The book wouldn't be
there if some fairly competent person did not think it was worthwhile.
Don't be afraid to go to the young people's section of a public library.
 Just because it is especially for young people doesn't mean the book is
no good.  Books in that area are much more likely to be shorter and
easier to read.  You could read the first page or two of the book right
there in the library before checking it out.  If the first couple of
pages are interesting, chances are the rest of the book will be also.

Another possibility might be to read the Jefferson biography in a good
encyclopedia, such as the Britannica.

>>Knowing that you must indeed be busy I will be as >brief as is possible. I have seen that the book by B.L. Rayner on the life >of the 3rd American president is On-line please could you help >>me with any information as to whether the book by Noble Cunningham >Jr, is On-line. Its entitled "In Pursuit of Reason: the life of Thomas >Jefferson." Please if you could help me. I would be grateful as we here >cannot afford books from abroad. For me this is hard because I am a >lover of history theology and archeaology. I am a monk in a monastery >near Belgrade -- a New Zealander here for 10 years. Please, I look >forward to hearing from you in the very near future. I want to know as >much as I can about a man I admire so MUCH. > I am sorry to advise that the Cunningham book has a copyright date of 1987, which means that it is in copyright and will be for some time. That means it cannot be put online by anyone but the publisher, and I doubt if they will be doing that. The Raynor book is an 1834 book, and therefore long out of copyright. That is why I was able to put it online. My suggestion: if you really want to know and understand the mind of Thomas Jefferson, I suggest you read and throughly absorb my website at the University of Virginia, which is "Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government." That presents his political philosophy in his own words, which in my opinion is much better than anything that anyone else would have to say about him.


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