Requests for Information related to Thomas Jefferson



>Dear Mr. Coates:
>	We first read your response last night.  We researched the 
file and found the original organization that has publicized the 
Aramaic Bible in the U.S.  It is the Noohra Foundation, originally in 
San Antonio, Texas, but it moved to California in the late 70's.  Dr. 
Rocco Errico has been the chief proponent of the Aramaic Bible.  We 
found a website address for you:

I checked it out, and found it very interesting -- especially the 
selections from the New Testament.  It is difficult for me to know 
exactly what Jefferson's reaction would have been, but I think he 
would have been very interested in it.  I notice this translation 
seems to give a broader, more spiritual meaning to the teachings.  It 
is very interesting.

Jefferson believed in fearlessly following the path of reason, and 
I'm sure that he would favor any translation of the Bible that 
presented it more accurately and more understandably.

Best wishes for the holiday season,

Eyler Coates


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