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>I cannot imagine the time, effort and dedication that was required to >create your site--which I came across this evening for the first time. >Congratulations--and THANKS are certainly in order. You make it much >easier for a novice such as myself to search out the various items of >interest in regards to Thomas Jefferson. Many thanks for your kind comments. The website is the result of years of work, but it was all a joy. As you might think, it was a learning experience for me too, and a privilege to be able to work on the writings of such a great genius. I never ceased to be awed. >I have been attempting to locate a publication of the correspondence >that took place between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, long after >they had served our Country as President. > >It appears this correspondence may be included in the ADAMS-JEFFERSON >LETTERS (640 pages). However, before making such a purchase, >I decided to contact you in hopes you can point me in the right >direction and perhaps you could let me know if >that would be the correct purchase--or perhaps you could recommend >another publication. The book containing the Adams-Jefferson correspondence is a work of extraordinary scholarship. It is quite complete, and is *very* highly regarded in the scholarly world. Although it is that highly regarded, I feel that I should advise you that I recommended the book to a cyberfriend who told me that he was disappointed in it. It possibly was his own predilections, however. He said that he got bored with the talk about fish oil and whaling and whatever. When I read it, I was working on my website and, feeling rushed, read mostly the Jefferson correspondence. But I found it very interesting. They had a highly intellectual exchange on all kinds of topics, avoiding only those things in politics where they had irreconcilable differences. Actually, Adams would try to provoke a discussion on such topics, but Jefferson always refused to take the bait. ;-) I think you will enjoy the book. My friend who didn't like it was more a fan of James Madison. I was able to recommend a book of Madison's writings that he loved (The Mind of the Founder). The book referred to above is available in most good libraries. To purchase the Adams-Jefferson Correspondence at a 20% discount, click on the following: The Adams-Jefferson Letters This link is offered in association with


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